raum- und zeit- manufaktur (space and time manufactory)


A container installation by Karin Demuth, employees: Matthias Duderstadt

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of cargo containers in Europe (on 2. 5. 1966 in Rotterdam and three days later in Bremen on 5. 5. 1966), the space and time manufactory in the former overseas port of Bremen was built.


The standardized boxes that changed our economy, our thinking and cityscapes, count  as a modern answer to the old question of time and space.

The artistic work is an playfully answer. In ten production steps containers are built and filled with the rare good time.

The normally windowless container of Raum- und Zeit-Manufaktur  be provided with viewing windows and – partially wrapped in burlap – a reminder of the port work before containerization.



Am Speicher XI 1, 28217 Bremen, Germany

Vernissage: 4. Mai 17:00 Uhr

Jubiläumsfeier: 6. Mai 14.00 bis 22.00 Uhr

Finissage: 4. Juni 19.00 bis 1.00 Uhr um 22.00 Uhr präsentiert die Raum- und Zeit-Manufaktur den Film DIE CONTAINER STORY von Thomas Greh (2004)

Performance: Defne Alkan
Laura Berg alias Bronko
Alexej Becker
Nadine El Meccaoui
Farid Odin Forozanfar
Robin Hase
Roxana Koschel alias roxiirockstar
Haddy Njie
Evelyn Schauer alias Emil Buntspecht
Gregory Sideris alias Captain G
Secil Tekbas
Sabrina Yström
(Die Klasse FOS 11.2a Aktionskunst der Fachoberschule der Wilhelm Wagenfeld Schule Bremen angeleitet von David Rusek.)

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